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close (alpha ver.) is a Social Marketplace.
Everyone can be a seller, buyer in the community
with AI assistance for Free.

GPT-4 facilitates your communication!


Find, share, communicate. Your latest activity and that of your connected friends will be displayed. AI Chatbot is also your friend!

Member = Vendor

As soon as you sign up as a member, you can become a vendor in the marketplace.

Flexible Groups

Anyone can create public/private groups. This can be used not only for information exchange, but also for limited sales to selected members.


Members are free to post blogs. It is possible to promote yourself or your products to the community and beyond.

Store Manager

Sell your products (new, used, or handicrafts etc.) to the community. Manage your store through the manager tool.

Take control of the translation function


With support for 104 languages, you can use a familiar language. Also, you can use English for global communication.

Think Globally, Act Locally facilitates your actions to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in your own communities and cities.

Improve QOL

Let's improve your quality of life based on global knowledge exchange.

Member Activity

See what products are traded among members and what interests members have.

Recent Products

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Public Groups

What's next?

We are going to achieve a community based logistics service.
You will be a future contributor when you join us!

On-the-way Logistics

Let's extend to the world a mutually beneficial system in which members contribute to the benefit of community participants. You become a contributor to the global community when you join us!

Now is the best time to start!

You can be a seller, buyer or sharing owner in the community for Free!