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On-the-way Logistics, Carbon neutrality for all participants: Our Goal

What is the goal of

Today, I would share the long-term goal for social marketplace.
From the standpoint of space-use energy efficiency, automobiles are Inefficient heavy box with a weight of 1 ton, just to carry air. According to the latest Japanese OD survey, the average number of people transported in passenger cars is 1.30, and 1.62 in hired cars and cabs. This means that most moving vehicles carry only the driver.

Rapid increase in EC users leads to network explosion. Especially in the C2C sector (Trading between individuals), in which an unspecified number of customers participate, this is a growth inhibitor based on N-square network problem.

Also we should know the truth that the emission control target to limit temperature increase to 1.5°C in 2050, the “carbon budget” could be depleted by around 2030.

Mobile Space Sharing Logistics to create CO2 emission credits.

We aim to achieve the “Carbon neutrality for all participants” through Mobile Space Sharing Logistics that creates CO2 emission credits. Matching our community members who plan to travel to their destinations with those who are willing to transport goods, based on factors such as origin, destination, and stopover points, to find voluntary collaborators. As a result, wasteful use of space for automobile transportation is reduced.

This is why we started social marketplace.

Let’s join, now. You are future contributor of our planet!